[Beta8] 2.4GHz band set to 40MHz, connecting at 20MHz

Anyone else notice this? Is it normal?


Connection Status:

I think it’s not “normal”, my ATX1800 2.4Ghz/40Mhz connection with laptop Wi-Fi 6 USB dongle, the status is like below:


The Wi-Fi analyzer App status shows on phone:

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Can you please provide us more details?What tool do you use to get this connection status?Have you tried to use other 2.4G client to check the connection status?

I’ve done some more testing now.

I use the MacOS 12.5 connection status built into the OS. It flips between 20MHz and 40MHz from time to time, so it might be something to save power when there isn’t data transmitting.

I used a Wifi Analyzer tool on Android 12 and it only reports 40MHz.