Black Friday Sale: GL-MT300N-V2 or GL-AR300M?

100/100Mbps connection at home, going to run the box with Wireguard. Will be using it for iptv (lan) and Netflix (wifi).

Question is, which box should I buy?

Ar300m seems more promising since it got a little higher clock speed. Is it better overall than the GL-MT300N-V2 Mango, more stable and so on? Or is the Mango enough for daily use 24/7?

mango can get you about 20-30mbps on wireguard, is fine serving a few wireguard clients i suppose

have not stress tested it though.

other than that, mango is probably the most value for money to access glinet ui and features.

ar300m has slightly better processor but probably not worth the extra money.


I totally disagree with the above view - I have had the Mango, Slate and AR300m and the latter is by far the best and most reliable! Definitely worth the extra money over the Mango and I also prefer it to the Slate (I suffered the dropping WiFi bug which was never resolved to my satisfaction).