"Block non-VPN traffic" works for other VPNs e.g. ZeroTier?

I’m in a place that blocks Wireguard and OpenVPN. Fortunately ZeroTier works here without a problem. I found that GL iNet routers have the “Kill Switch” feature which is supposed to block traffic if the VPN is unavailable, a very important feature for me. Based on my research only Wireguard and and OpenVPN have first class support in the UI. If I manually configure ZeroTier as my VPN via SSH and I enable this option, will it work as desired for my ZeroTier VPN? Alternatively, could I manually configure some iptables rules to achieve the same effect?

If it matters, I am looking into acquiring the Slate Plus (GL-A1300) Travel Router. Even though it can be found on Amazon for $70 with the coupon, my total cost including shipping and customs is $200 USD so I really want to make sure I’m getting the right product!

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In our setup, zerotier is not used as a VPN and, therefore, is not adapted to killswitch.