Both connected and not connected to the internet at the same time

I got an AR750s to help out a friend in an apartment complex with complex wide w-fi.
There really wasn’t much for me to mess up with the setup. Just set it up as a router, connected to the complex wifi, changed the password, setup the SSID and security key. Done.
Devices connected, and it seemed fine for a minute.
But then devices started reporting there were connected, but didn’t have internet. I popped onto the router which they could still talk to just fine, and it reported it was connected to the internet just fine. some time later, 10-20 minutes everything was fine again… but 10-20 minutes later same issue. Seems to cycle back and forth.
My guess here is a defective device, but I don’t know about lot about these travel routers… so I don’t know if there is something I just missed. If there is, any hints. :slight_smile: Thanks.

Do you connect AR750S to the Complex wifi as a repeater?

Seems that repeater dopped?

I set the network mode as router. But I do remember something in early setup having repeater as an option, but it was like a setup wizard or something. Not sure what I picked at that point, and never saw that screen again. But as a repeater, I wouldn’t get a private subnet, which I confirmed I was getting. And a repeater shouldn’t drop the internet anymore than anything else right? Is there some setting somewhere I can check?