Brand new mt300n V2 - no wifi, no dhcp, just dead

Ordered a couple of mt300n v2 units from amazon over the weekend and sitting here trying to get into one.

It never shows up on the wifi network, pressing reset or not, nothing.
It never picks up a dhcp IP no matter which port I use. Doc says LAN is set to DHCP.
Only the first LED comes on, nothing else.

They are brand new, had to break the seal to open the box.

What’s going on?

Finally figured out that the V2 needs more power so after doing that, it turned on wifi and picked up a dhcp IP.
Now I can reach the setup screen BUT, it won’t respond when setting the time zone.
Clicking on Next does nothing.

I then changed the end of the URL to step-3 and was able to get to the admin screen.

Why is this always so complicated?

Could be that the config broke cos you didn’t have enough power from the beginning.

Turns out, you need a newer version of firmware. Working now but very bad news for me since my software only runs on the older v1.

Update your software to the new firmware then? It’s not that hard to recompile things.

I would if I could get the company to do it but they aren’t doing it right now. The only way I could get this to work on a V2 is if it could run the V1 firmware which it cannot.

What is your software? Can you be compiled for v2?

V2 is different from V1 in the wifi driver. If you do something related to wifi then your software need to be customized for V2.

But good news is that, now open source wifi driver works OK on V2. Can you just use a clean firmware from OpenWrt?

Yes, I’ll have it updated at some point. Thanks.