Bricked 6416A

okay. i’m managed to brick my router yesterday because something wrong when compiling uboot from pepe2k. i had checked ttl console, the router stuck at uboot header. then i went to flash the chip with spi flasher, but instead i’m burning the chip :frowning: . i don’t have full flash backup, only uboot and art.
i have spare chip, windbond w25q128fvg. I want to ask, how to create partition in nor flash with spi chip flasher ? is it just directly write to chip or need special procedure first ? if just directly write, can someone share partition table layout along hex address (size, start end, etc),.
thank you.

Just curious - why rebuilding the uboot? Mostly because outside of messing with uBoot, the GL-iNet devices are fairly un-brickable…

Good that at least you backed up the art partition…

I’m planning to oc the cpu, maybe +50Mhz ~ 100Mhz more than default clock.

You can flash the uboot to your spare flash chip via programmer. And then flash the art binary file via u-boot, the offset should be 0x9fff0000.

0x9f000000: uboot
0x9f040000: uboot environment
0x9f050000: firmware
0x9fff0000: art

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okay, im managed to flash the chips, and it works like a charm. thx kyson-lok