Bricked my MT300N V2 help!

Short story, loaded the wrong firmware and bricked my router. I’ve checked the documentation and followed the steps but UBoot isn’t launching.

I unplug power from the router.
I plug the router into my computer via the LAN port.
I press and hold the RESET button on the router.
I plug in the power/USB cable.
The Power light comes on.
The light on the far right flashes red (for some reason it’s 5 times).
The middle green light comes on.
I modify my computer LAN IP to with a subnet.
I open Google Chrome.
I type in and hit enter.
Chrome returns with “Connection Timed Out.”

Please help. I’m away from my family and trying to see my wife and kids.

Thanks in advance!

Seems what you are doing is correct.

Are you using windows, Linux or MAC?

Can you try the WAN port? When using uboot, WAN port or LAN port is the same. Just don’t connect two cables.

You can:

  • Reboot your PC and your MT300N V2 and try again to get access to webinterface or
  • check the IP of MT300N V2 and your IP by open Source Angry IP Scanner.

So, this is a bit embarrassing, but I was modifying the wrong connection. I was modifying the WiFi connection’s IPv4 address and not the Ethernet. Once I fixed that, the whole thing worked like a charm and I’m up and running again.

These things happen…not to everyone, but they sure do happen to me. Appreciate the other tips to help, though!

Good to hear you resolved and can talk to the family! You never know one day someone might have the same issue, see this post and work out what they did wrong! :blush: