Bricket AR300M, web ui not working, help please!


My AR300M stopped booting one day, I followed the steps 1-3 here:

But, when I try to upload the “openwrt-ar300m-2.20.bin” firmware, I get “connection reset” error, see attached screenshot.

Happens on all browsers. Not sure what to do next, I don’t understand how to flash via tftpd, the instructions are not clear (I don’t see any entries in Tftp Server tab as in screenshots) I also don’t have any uboot.bin and openwrt.bin files…

Help appreciated.

hi, can you still access the UI?

You may need the nand version GL.iNet download center

I did try with both NAND and NOR versions, I think the issue was from the FIRMWARE UPDATE page.

I did eventually get it to boot - i suspect the NAND flash works but NOR flash is broken. Is there any way I can flash NOR from the regular gl.inet UI?