Bridge two wlan APs?

Hi gl.Inet community,

I’m trying to bridge two wlan access points together (one with WAN, one without) with a GL-AR300M with VPN. Does anyone know if this is possible?

I know this topology is quite unusual. The reason I’m doing this is because I’d like to be able to remotely access an IP camera installed in the wild (a dashcam installed in a car). This particular IP camera is not connected to the internet and only offers one method of connectivity (it only acts as a wlan host, not a client).

I’d like to connect the AR300M as a client to this camera, include an openvpn tunnel, then connect to a wireless hotspot so I can access this camera from home.

Here’s a rough sketch of the topology. Is this doable or am I just crazy?


Home (camera viewer)
VPN server
Mobile hotspot (wifi AP)
GL-AR300M (VPN client)
Dashcam (wifi AP)

A little crazy:) Not clear about the topology.

Do you mean IP camera is an Access Point?

Maybe try ar300M WDS mode.

Appreciate your reply.
Yes, crazy I know.

Yes, the IP camera AND the hotspot connection BOTH act as access points. I’m trying to bridge them together with a transparent openvpn in between. Can this be done with AR300M (CLI is fine too, doesn’t have to be done with GUI).

I’ll take a look at WDS mode in the meantime. Thanks!