Bridge X750 to B1300

What settings are required on the X750 (no WiFi) to bridge a LTE broadband connection to a B1300 mesh system?


Do you want your mesh network to be able to get IP directly from the carrier?

Yes, prefer not to run another DHCP server on the X750, B1300 to take address from X750/carrier, clients to take IP from B1300 DHCP.

So far, I haven’t done that, and I think it might need support from carriers

Not necessarily get IP from carrier.

Guess what I’m after is the same as bridge mode on a “normal” landline modem on the GX750 :slight_smile:

Bridge the X750 so it’s not routing just supplying an internet connection to the master node. Only DHCP server in the configuration being the B1300 master node.


Does this need a bridge?
Can’t you connect B1300 to X750 LAN port directly?