Bridging Wireguard to local network?

I see a lot of posts when I look this up but the only one that seems to match deals with OpenVPN. Right now I think for my Wireguard clients to be able to access the local network I would have to:

VLAN40 - x.x.40.100 = local home network /w DHCP server
VLAN41 - x.x.41.100 = segregated network WAN access for incoming Wireguard clients

  1. GL-MT300-V2 = plug WAN port into home network on VLAN41 IP x.x.41.1

  2. GL-MT300-V2 = plug LAN port into home network on VLAN40 IP x.x.40.1

  3. GL-MT300-V2 = set local LAN static IP as x.x.40.1

  4. GL-MT300-V2 = turn off LAN DHCP server to allow local network DHCP server to work correctly.

  5. GL-MT300-V2 = set Wireguard server up for x.x.40.2

  6. Profit???

I feel like there is an easier way to make this happen… But this is how my mind works… As complicated as possible!

Side question: can I manually change the configuation file to a FQDN?

Maybe just keep openvpn.