Broadcast / Scan Not woking

I have a 300m Mini smart router connected to a small industrial network.

I want to commission Devices/PLCs on the network.

There for I Scan that network with TIA Portal / Proneta

To locate PLCs TIA Portal uses layer 2 communications: DCP and LLDP

But now device are shown, is het router blocking this kind of protocols ?

My laptop is connected on Wifi.

The devices/PLCs are connected to the LAN interface

The Wan port is not used.

Is there a setting that allows these protocols to function on the LAN ?


A router is an L3 network device, so L2 protocols will get dropped mostly.

Not sure if you could enable them because you would set your router into bridge-mode then - and I am not sure if this is possible.

Are you using the mini router as repeater?

Pls set it up using extender.

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