Brume 2 as main router

I own a Brume 1 (no wifi) and use it as my main router. ISP >> Brume 1 >> TP-LINK EAP660 HD AP so Wifi is covered by 3 Access Points (DHCP is served by Brume). In between there are switches around the house for wired connection.
Brume 1 also serves AdGuard Home and Wireguard VPN (server) without any issues.

Thinking of the future, when the brume 1 stops being supported… Can I replace it with Brume 2 in the same way? (no VPN client, just acting as a WG server for incoming connections + adguard)


Should transition smoothly, you will loose a LAN Ethernet port Bume 2 only has one 2.5Gbps WAN and one 1Gbps LAN(2 Ethernet ports as opposed to Brume 1 3 Ethernet ports)

Thanks! Not concerned since LAN port already feeds into a PoE switch where the AP’s are connected and from there cascading to another regular 8-port switch for wired runs. So Brume 1 does have an unused LAN port already.