Brume 2 firmware update 4.4.6

Brume 2 firmware update 4.4.6 not working for me.
Reset to factory is not working to
Back to 4.4.5 no problems

Hi there,

exactly this happened to me too.
Either, the WAN interface did not get any DHCP lease or the IP was associated but the internet could not be accessed. I also had to dowgrade to 4.4.5 again.

@Support: Please advise here!


I can confirm that I have experienced the exact same issue as well. A rollback to 4.4.5 works perfectly.


Me too.

Wan interface is slow to connect. After connecting it becomes extremely slow. Wan working below 1 mbps.
Downgrade to 4.4.5.

Seems that I am the only one that do not have this issue.

Calling guys to have a check.

Drawing back the firmware of MT2500 now.

Sorry for the trouble.

My Brume2 appears to be working on 4.4.6 after online update via Wireguard connection. Can say about performance until i get back home.

Is it possible to downgrade remotely???

If it works ok, you can just keep it.

The problem is that we changed the Ethernet driver, making it non-compatible with some devices/routers/switches

For what it’s worth I had a similar problem with my MT-2500.

On the WAN (2.5Gbps) port, it would connect but would consistently drop 10%-20% of packets, which needless to say made everything very slow. Forcing the interface to 100Mbps using ethtool stopped it from dropping packets, but of course I’d rather be able to use the full 1Gbps of my upstream.

On the LAN (1Gbps) port, it would work fine for a while, but randomly stop working completely for a minute or two. I didn’t find a workaround for this.

Downgrading to 4.4.5 fixed both problems, though!

@Drumboy @p3ngu1n @bmg @DouglasFerreira @wiml
hi, all
v4.4.6 release2 beta for MT2500/MT3000 are released.It would be great appreciated if you could help to check whether WAN interface works normally after upgrading to v4.4.6 release2 beta!Thanks!

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v4.4.6 release2 beta work fine for me.

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I installed the beta and so far everything seems to be working well. Thanks!

@Drumboy @bmg
A big thanks to your help!

v4.4.6 release2 is okay.

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I have been using release2 for a week now without any problems. Thanks for the fix!

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