Brume 2 (GL-MT2500) as ISP Router?

Hi, I am looking at Brume 2 to set up a VPN client provisioning in my home network.

I am trying to figure out if I can drop my ISP router/modem completely by using this gateway and at the same time I get VPN client support? I can see from documentation under Network > Network Mode router option is there which acts as a DHCP server.

My network design plan: Connect to ISP over PPoE using Brume (I am on Fibre connection but ISP website mentions about PPoE, so I believe its possible) > Switch > Wireless Access Point.

This way, I can run only one router/gateway instead of: ISP router > Brume > Switch > Access Point. I am trying to optimize the use of network nodes where its possible. Any thoughts would be appreciated in this matter. Thanks…

That should work fine. I’m running ppoe albeit on a crap copper connection,in that way.

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If your intention is to connect the ISP ONT directly to the GL-MT2500, then you probably have to set up VLAN (e.g., 201) on the WAN port. That has to be done in LuCI and you search this forum for posts on that.

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I think this may help you

Great share @wcs2228 and @Sergio. These really helps to understand the configuration that’s required for PPoE. Thanks a lot!!

So, the Brume 2 and Flint both can act as a router. The difference is Flint has WiFi capabilities. Am I correct saying this?

Yes. Both the Brume 2 and Flint are OpenWRT-based routers with the LuCI UI. The Flint has wifi, while the Brume 2 does not. If you already have Switch → Access Point, then you should not require another wifi device.

In the linked URL from @Sergio, it looks like the Flint was running Firmware 3 at that time. The Flint now has upgrades to Firmware 4, while the Brume 2 has always been on Firmware 4. The LuCI UI has some changes in Firmware 4, so the procedure will need some adjustment.

In Firmware 4, VLAN ID for PPPoE can be set up in the GL.iNet UI:

Thanks @wcs2228. Yes I do have a Switch and Access point and was looking for a non-wifi solution to go with my setup. To me it really does not make sense to have all in one router with WiFi (switch, AP, router) unless you can place at the center of the house or have a mesh system.

I kept the switch and ISP router (disabled the wifi) in attic as all my cat6 cables are terminated over there and placed the WiFi AP at a center place of the house wired to the switch.

With the Brume 2 I am gonna replace the ISP router and keep it in the attic next to the switch.

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