Brume 2 - Maximum number of VPN server connections

Hi, I'd like to use Brume 2 as a VPN server for four remote sites (using Slate AX as the client) that will all be connected simultaneously.

What is the maximum # of connections the Brume 2 will support simultaneously?

Will mostly depend on the amount of traffic that will flow. So no one will be able to answer that, I guess.

That's not what I'm asking. I want to know the maximum number of simultaneously connected WireGuard clients that the VPN server in the Brume 2 will allow.

Many small VPN servers limit the number of connected clients regardless of how little traffic each client is passing.

For example, the advertised throughput of the Wireguard VPN server on the Brume 2 is 355 Mbps. Each of my VPN clients will not be pushing more than 5 Mbps of throughput. Can the Brume 2 support 71 simultaneous Wireguard VPN clients? I'm guessing that if each client client was pushing 1 Mbps of traffic, the Brume 2 would not be able to support 355 simultaneous clients.

Afaik there is no software based restriction.
But the CPU won't handle that much connections I guess

Maybe not simple as this maths.

But we haven't get any report about limitation of simullatnaeous clients.