Brume 2 MT2500 VPN application


I was wondering if someone could help me.

I have my ISP router which is fine.
I have a smart TV that I would like to connect to a VPN service like expressVPN etc.

I was planning on plugging the WAN port on the MT2500 to the LAN port on my ISP router.

And plugging the LAN port on the MT2500 into the Ethernet port on the smart TV.

What is the best method to setup VPN. I want the TV to still be able to talk to other devices on my ISP router etc.

My ISP router has DHCP enabled and is on


You have to set “allow access wan” in vpn option.


Thanks for your reply - the Brume arrives tomorrow. Does it have to be set in bridge mode or do you allow it to work as a router and allow DHCP to assign ip addresses on different subnet?

Will that work? - And will it cause NAT issues?

The main reason for purchasing the Brume is to allow the TV to connect to a VPN because it cannot be done on the TV itself. Just using the VPN client and not the VPN server.

I want to keep the ISP router and do not want other devices on the LAN to be connected to the VPN.


Use it in router mode. No issues about NAT. Wan to ISP router and Lan to TV.

Will try tomorrow :+1: thank you

That worked, thank you.

But I cannot seem to communicate with the Brume 2 or Tv from devices on the LAN of the isp router. Why is this? What do I need to do? Thanks

It’s normal. Traffic i comuni from wan is blocked. You have to configure firewall in brume2 to accept traffic incoming from the subnet of your lan.


I don’t know what ports to open. For example. I have Alexa on my smart TV but it is showing as offline. I also have smartphone app to control smart TV but it is showing as offline. Even though the smart TV is online. This must be because of the firewall. But I do not know what ports to open. I have tried putting the smart TV as DMZ but still no luck. Is this the only way or could there be a different configuration where it will be on the same subnet?


If You can put all devices in the same subnet of brume2 and use vpn policy to set the mac address of tv to use vpn.

Again, won’t that cause problems with having double NAT? 2x routers

Double NAT is less of a problem than having the devices in two subnets, if you have to use services like Alexa and remote control apps for tv.

Brume 2 has a Drop-In Gateway feature that may work well for your use case.

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Hi, I tried the above and it worked but some services/apps like bbc iPlayer were very intermittent. That looks like the best way to set it up but features on the smart tv do not work correctly