Brume 2 to enable Chrome Cast under VPN

My goal is to stream content from a VPN-accessed service on my laptop to a Chromecast device. Initially, I tried setting up the VPN directly on the laptop, but this approach proved too naïve, as I couldn't connect to the Chromecast device. Now, I plan to set up the VPN on a Brume 2 GL-MT2500A between the WAN and the Netis WF2780 Wi-Fi router provided by my ISP. I hope this setup will allow me to access the streaming service on my laptop and cast to the Chromecast device. I'm attaching a diagram to illustrate my goal. Before I proceed, I'd like to get your input. Based on your expertise, do you think this setup will work?

Yup, should work fine. At least in my experience with streaming YouTube to my Google Android TV - should be the same protocol.

Hi @admon,

Thank you for your reply. Could you share the detail of you configuration? Should I set the Brume 2 as a bridge?

VPN client will not work in bridge mode, as the bridge mode will work like transparent.

So, what approach should I use here?

Two different ways, imho:

Normal routing mode which will cause double NAT if you cant set the ISPs router to IP client mode
Dumb the ISPs router completely

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Thank you guys for your support. I've set the Brume 2 as a router with the PPPoE credentials provided by my ISP and the Netis Wi-Fi router as an DHCP bridge. It's working fine...