Brume 2 Tutorial configuration

Hi, am really not sure about the general product features because its seems that majority is same as Slate AX and Flint as well.

The only way that am confused about this product is SD-WAN instead of WAN and configuration as well since there is no wifi availability.

Let’s say the product am connect directly to my isp modem which is PPPOE protocol, then my 2nd router is connected to Brume 2, did my 2nd router will also get PPPOE protocol or DHCP?

This is what i need to clarify of the configuration.


If you use Brume 2 as the main router, your 2nd router should work in bridge mode, i.e. AP mode and let Brume 2 manage network.

If you do not want to touch your current router, you can put Brume 2 in drop-in gateway mode.

But my 2nd router protocol will get DHCP, right?

If am used Brume 2 as main router which PPPOE protocol directly to my isp modem?

Because am confused the SD-WAN of Brume 2?

Yes you main route can get dhcp.

SDWan mainly means the site2site setup. I

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Btw, may i know why the global option in vpn server the toggle button of enable vpn cascading is removed?

pls upgrade to 4.1.1 beta. It is fixed.

Pls note, don’t keep settings.

Alright :+1: noted with thanks :blush: