Brume 2: when using WireGuard Client can't ping to VLAN10

Hello everyone,

Brume 2 on my network is behind my main router. I’ve enabled Drop-in Gateway feature. Everything works fine except one thing.

On my main router there is two networks: which is LAN which is VLAN

I can ping both networks from Brume 2 without problems, but as soon as I connect to WireGuard Client I lose connection to VLAN.
Where to look for problem? Need to add static IP route maybe? I would be grateful for any comments, CLI commands. Thanks in advance! <3

I’m sorry. I didn’t understand this.

Can you provide a topology diagram?


I have configured the following route: “ip route add via dev eth0”. As a result, I can now successfully reach my VLAN20 from the Brume by using an echo request. However, I’m facing an issue where VLAN clients from my main router are not appearing on the Brume interface. I have enabled Drop-In Gateway. Currently, I can only see LAN devices with IP addresses in the range of

Could you please suggest any ideas on how to make VLAN clients from my main router visible on the Brume interface while keeping the Drop-In Gateway enabled? I appreciate any assistance you can provide. Thank you!

P.S. I’ll try my best to provide a topology.