Brume 2 Wireguard behind router

I am having difficulty setting up the Brume 2 as a WIreguard VPN server behind my router.

Here is what I am trying to achieve:

  • Wireguard VPN server that will allow me access to my home network from the outside world.
  • Also would like to have all my internet traffic flow through the VPN server while I am away from the house.

I currently have a router in place that handles DHCP. I do not want the Brume 2 to assign IP address to devices on my local home network.

The problem I am having is that the Brume 2 acts as a DHCP server on my home network. I also believe the VPN server is assigning VPN clients ip addresses that are not on the local home network subnet.

I am unsure how to wire and configure the Brume to achieve what I want.

Is this possible?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Take a look at this thread:

I did tests on Brume 2 as both WireGuard and OpenVPN server. The Brume 2 LAN and main router LAN will be on different subnets and have separate DHCP servers. However, the WireGuard client device (and any devices directly connected to the Brume 2 LAN) will be routed through to the main router LAN subnet by using IP addresses (not NetBIOS names). Internet access will also be routed through the main router to your ISP.

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I mean, it sounds like what you want to do is just forward a port through to the Brume 2, then route to it from your mobile devices. You could do this with… well any Linux client/VM, really, but a Brume 2 is as good as anything else I suppose.

Basically set up a VPN server on the Brume 2, pass the appropriate port through on your main router such that traffic arrives on the Brume 2, then on your client VPN settings route all traffic. You’ll be able to access everything on your LAN (because all traffic will look like it’s exiting the Brume 2) and

Are you able to achieve that according to the replies? Seems this is not difficult.