Brume 2: Wireguard Client not starting in drop-in Gateway mode when pointing dns request to Adguard Home

Hello, i got a Brume 2, to use it as a vpn Client and adguard home server.
I also have Slate AX as main router. I configured brume as a drop-in Gateway, but i can’t get the vpn client to start when i point the dns queries in Slate Ax to brume 2.

  1. Brume 2: enabled Drop-In Gateway
  2. Slate AX DHCP Gateway to Brume 2 IP
  3. Configured WireGuard Client in Brume 2, working ok
  4. Started Adguard home in Brume 2
  5. Brume 2 is not getting DNS Requests from SLATE AX, Adguard blocks nothing
  6. In Slate AX i set manual DNS to BRUME 2 IP, Adguard in Brume 2 is working.
  7. VPN Adguard Client doesn’t connect anymore unless I delete the dns(Brume2 ip) in Slate AX

Maybe i’m missing something, thank you for your help!.

Only the gateway address is changed, but the DNS address is not changed, so ADGUARD home does not take effect.
You can disable DHCP on the primary route or specify the DNS address of the DHCP server.