Brume 2 Wireguard server no internet

I followed this guide carefully:

I was wanting to connect to the Wireguard server and have the same connection (IP address) as the Wireguard client as well as access my local network.

The dashboard shows up/down activity when connected, and can confirm that Xfinity assigns me a public IP address.

Any suggestions? I can neither access the Internet nor my network.

If I am not wrong you have to add
AllowedIPs =, ::/0
to the wireguard config to route all traffic via your VPN.

Here’s a HOW-TO for a simplified setup. If you can replicate this, you’ll be in a better position for the Site-2-Site HOW-TO:

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Thank you. Those both appear to be there already by default.

Thank you I will check that out.

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S2S does work. Just take your time, take a break when you think you need it, check all settings.

Wow. For what seems like such a clear use case, this appears to require way more effort than it is worth! OpenVPN works as expected almost right out of the box but seems to top out at 22 Mbps download. I was hoping to take advantage of the speed of Wireguard.

My Certa (GL-AR750), a now discontinued device fr what, 2018 (?), hits 38.5 Mbps via WG.

(… & I can point you to another active thread showing no, in fact OVPN does not always work OOTB.)