Brume and B1300 Mesh Setup

I was considering having the following setup:

Internet connection → Brume → B1300 Mesh

The Brume for VPN performance the and the B1300 for mesh coverage. What’s the best configuration here?

I can obviously “router” the B1300 to the Brume (changing it’s default IP address to 192.168.10.x) but then I’m double NATting (192.168.8.x for Brume and 192.168.10.x for B1300).

Can I bridge the B1300 and still get the mesh working?

Should I not worry about the double NAT ?


If double NAT does not bother you, you can just leave it.

Actually if you want to configure mesh without B1300 main node as gateway, it is possible. But this does not build into the default configuration so not encouraged.