Brume as secondary/slave router for vpn to lan

sorry for the N00b question - I bought this to configure access from the internet to reach my NAS device, which currently sits behind my ISP router…

so I set it up as… Internet->ISP Router (>Brume(>NAS… but I can’t seem to get the configs correct…

Also, while in the home, to access the NAS… would I then have to still connect throught the Brumes VPN?

Can you point me to a setup guide… I’ve tried so many ways… I’m not ever sure into which ports to plug the ethernet cables anymore… (i know, Im a mess)… any advice?

Seems to be just standard “set up a vpn server “ in GUI. At home lan it won’t go through vpn.

On isp router you should forward OpenVPN port to Brume ip:port.