Brume gateway


I have the Brume gateway which I placed behind my Cable Modem router and then connected the Brume forward to my Google Nest Wifi.

However, I tried to use the VPN Policy to exclude certain websites but it doesn’t work. I guess it is because in my gateway, I only have 1 device (the Google Nest Router) and for some reason it doesn’t capture the websites or domains I try to exclude? Is there any workaround or fix for this? I have my Nest Wifi configured for use with Cloudfare DNS; as well as the GL inet.

See pic attached;


I suspect the Google Nest router is resolving “” into an IP address, so the Brume router does not see the domain name. Can you bridge the Google Nest and have Brume be the only router?

It may also work to set the DNS on client devices to the IP address of the Brume router.

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet

The domain name has to be resolved on Brume so that the policy works.