Brume GL-MV1000 strange problems

Hello guys,

Today my Brume arrived so time to set it up:

  • if i connect the brume with the usb cable straight to my pc and plug the network cable from my switch to the brume i can acces the web interface to set it up!

  • but when i put the brume at its place and connect the usb power cable to the powernet its not possible to open the network interface.

Somebody that can help me out on this one?

Best Regards

Make sure your powernet and the Brume don’t have the same IP range. Brume has as default, its possible your powernet also.

Johnex thx for your reply , but with powernet i just mean the 240v power for the brume its self not a powerline adapter.

My network idea is: Router (Provider) > switch >Brume> switch > work pc

I also cannot ping the std ip adrs of the brume.

Best Regards

Ah i see. It’s possible your switch needs to be turn off and on after plugging it into the Brume, that was the case with my Netgear switches.

The admin panel refuses to pop up when the brume is not connected directly on the pc by the usb power cable.

Any ideas?

Best Regards


Up and running :wink: thx for the advice.

Best Regards