Brume GL-MV1000 WireGuard maximum speed

I am blown away with the performance of my 2 Brumes both maxing out the WireGuard 280Mbps download speed capability on my 500/250 FTTH connection. (TorGuard VPN)
Not being greedy but do you think this download speed capability might be increased in the future or is it a calculated limitation of this CPU/chipset?

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Wonderful ! LOL. Sorry, I have a BRUME on VDSL2 with only 21.8/2.6 Mbps. BRUME is enough in my case. Do you mean that you really have 280 Mbps with it ? That would be more than 30 MB/s download throughput, right ?

Yes. My fibre is 500Mbps down and 250Mbps up. So about 56% of my maximum bandwidth on WireGuard using TorGuard.

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Are you able to achieve your full ISP speed when using the Brume without VPN on?

That’s about what I would expect MV3720 (the SoC powering Brume).

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Thanks for the info.

Maybe speed is good enough now.