Brume MV1000 as WireGuard vpn client gateway setup

Please help with the physical setup and configuration to use the Brume as a vpn gateway for my home network.

I want to use it purely to route all my home network traffic over my PIA vpn and would prefer not to create a new subnet on and continue to use my Synology rt2600 connected to my fiber cable wan and DHCP.

Is this possible?

If it is can you please guide me through the setup process?

Eg do I connect an Ethernet cable from my Synology router LAN port to the Brume WAN or LAN port?

What Protocol setting to I use in the INTERNET settings of the Brume GUI admin panel - DHCP, Static or PPPoE?

What do I need to change in the settings of my primary Synology Router - port forward the WG client port, set Gateway to Brume IP, etc?

In this configuration, can I use the AdGuardHome on the Brume as a DNS adblocker?

Many thanks for your help - I’ve tried various ways and looked at lots of advice on the Internet but just can’t figure it out…



It would be easier to use Brume as your main router, set up PIA wireguard there and connect your Synology behind Brume as an access point. in this case everything will go through VPN.

If you have to use Brume behind your Synology, new subnet is unavoidable, in this case set DHCP under internet settings, then you’re limited to only 2 lan ports for your device to connect, or you’d have to get another wireless router to connect it behind Brume as an access point.