Brume MV1000 - Gl.inet Packages conflict with Openwrt SQM package

I’m a big fan of Cake SQM implementation in Openwrt, but at the same time love GL.inet’s interface for setting up a Wireguard VPN server. I’ve been trying for some time to setup SQM in Luci interface but it seems to interfere with Gl.inet built packages that handle QOS functions. Has anybody been able to disable GL.inet packages and is able to use openwrt’s implementacion of SQM successfully? More specifically the upload limit I set for SQM is ignored most of the time, almost as if my LUCI settings are being overwritten by something else.

I flashed “vanilla” Openwrt 21.02.0-rc2 to my Brume and had no problems setting up SQM, but apparently it isn’t optimized for multi core processors and maxes out shaping around 200mbps while the gl.inet firmware handles significantly more SQM shaping bandwidth.

Anybody have any insight on this?

I posted this because I remember being scolded for this topic.
And I remember seeing some other useful tips on setting up Cake, so please search this forum :sunglasses:

I think that the other default additional module that strongly interferes with the communication control of the interface is about mwan3, but it seems that it is not relevant in this case.