Brume MV1000 - Vanilla Openwrt 21.x?

Hi, I’d like to load vanilla openwrt since it’s EOL on the gl.inet side. Is there a link to the img?

And can I flash it via the GUI?

Here you go:


Thanks bug :+1:
The regular v3.x won’t work on WAN. It won’t get an dhcp from my gateway. My Asus router does right away. Hoping a newer openwrt helps.

EXT4 or squash? Not sure which one to use or what the difference is? Just file system?

I think squashFS is easier ? (I don’t try out vanilla OpenWRT on my Brume yet)

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Ok. I got the squashfs.
I got this warning tho:

I did continue with the force.

After flashing vanilla OpenWRT image, how is going after that ? :slight_smile:

I haven’t had time to flash you yet. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:
Hopefully soon. Thank you for following up.

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you probably shouldnt keep settings going to 21 with BRUME as its changes to DSA from swconfig.

OpenWrt 21.02.0 first release candidate - Release and security announcements - OpenWrt Forum

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I pull the trigger with U-Boot method + squashFS image. :slight_smile:

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My hero. I will try that method soon.
Do you have all 8gb emmc?

No, I don’t see the 8GB space by default and I am not satisfied with the default mounting space allocation layout.either.

I am still trying figure out if there any method to change this. :thinking:


How can we get/use the 8gb of emmc space on vanilla open wrt?

Sorry I didn’t try. How much space do you have now?

This vanilla OpenWRT firmware(v.21.0.2 / squashFS image) mounting layout for Brume is like this:

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