Brume MV1000-W (WiFi) Vanilla OpenWRT

Hello dear Gl-iNet developers, how to run rtl8192eu on the vanilla OpenWrt?

Use UBoot web gui to flash the img file openwrt-(version)-mvebu-cortexa53-glinet_gl-mv1000-squashfs-sdcard.img.gz (Need to unpack this archive?)

Did Gl-iNet developers help OpenWrt developers and users with driver rtl8192eu?

It’s possible to run now or in future out of the box OpenWrt wifi on Brume-W?

Why in MV1000-W you are use RLT? Why not another better open source hardware?

We have the source code here openwrt/package/kernel/rtl8192eu at openwrt-19.07.7 · gl-inet/openwrt · GitHub

Maybe someone can help to submit to openwrt?

You can also compile by yourself for the kernel you are using.

I wrote on the forum openwrt but so far no one has answered


One OpenWrt developer said me in pm

Nobody is gonna bother maintaining that out of tree driver targeted for old kernels.
If they upstream it then it’s easy, otherwise it’s just pain like with the other Realtek drivers that OpenWrt added previously.
They will regularly break completely with kernel or backports updates.

Kernel Version 4.14.151

Kernel Version is still

All Gl-iNet routers have 4.14 kernel?

Do you planned upgrade kernel on Brume? Or you stuck with rtl8192eu driver on old kernel?

We need new rtl8192eu driver for fresh kernel?

I think you shouldn’t use such hardware in routers anymore

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Hi guys following up here regarding vanilla OpenWRT support on the MV1000 (Brume). Any updates on this currently, and will it support the upcoming OpenWRT 21 release?

Thanks in advance.

Brume mv1000 is supported by OpenWrt, we are talk about Brume mv1000w (WiFi version)

How about vanilla OpenWrt 21.02 with kernel 5.4?

You can grab the wifi driver source code and compile it.

@alzhao can i’m compile this driver for vanilla OpenWrt 21.02 with fresh kernel v. 5 or only 19.07.XX with kernel v. 4?

I think yes. For sure you can compile the driver for any openwrt release.

You need to have necessary skills to do this though.