Brume MV1000W Beta 4.38

Hello all

I seen the 4.38 Beta for the GLMV1000 is available and have installed it but the wifi drivers for the W variant are still not incorporated. Furthermore the drivers are not available to manually install these with the plugins repository failing to update the following repositories.

Collected errors:

Could we also get the drivers for usb wifi dongles included for various manufacturer such as MediaTek as i was previously using my Netgear A6210 with my device while using 3.216.


Still getting an error for okpg when updating this but error down to 1 repository now and there are a lot more drivers available.

Collected errors:

This repository does not contain any plug-ins, so it will not affect

Some of the drivers available on 3.216 are still missing like kmod-mt76x2u . Could you add these please and include the drivers in future beta please for the W variants of the Brume?

The missing drivers will be added in the future. While I have to say sorry that the sdk4 firmware would not support the W variants any more, you will have to use the sdk3 firmware.

kmod-mt76x2u These kernel packages have been added

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Its unfortunate that the W series will no longer be supported. Is it possible for users to restore this functionality through Luci or add it in via an optional download as the wireless section is no longer present in the gl.inet UI?

Sorry, apparently no, because adding an optional download means we will support it