Brume openVPN server behind ISP router help

Hello everyone. I need to say at the beginning that most probably this will be noob question.

I want to use Brume (wired only) as OpenVPN server behind my ISP router. I know that I will need to forward port from ISP router to Brume, but I have couple of (stupid) questinos:

Port wise external udp 1194 to internal 1194?

Which connector on brume I should use to connect to ISP router - wan or lan (if wan in lan mode or?)?

Brume will be on static address on ISP router.

Does brume need to have it’s own DHCP range (let’s say ISP is giving addresses after .50 - . 255 brume, .30 - .49 or I should forget about brume’s DHCP and VPN clients will be getting addresses from ISP router?

Is there anything else I am missing.

I tried uncusesfuly to setup this config.

Thank you in advance for helping network noob :slight_smile:

Brume’s WAN to your ISP router’s LAN.

Let Brume has its own DHCP by default.

The only things you need to do are:

  1. Connect Brume’s WAN to your ISP Router’s LAN
  2. Turn on vpn server on Brume and export config
  3. Port forward on your main router, 1194 to 1194 of Brume’s WAN IP
  4. Test if you can connect from the Internet.