Brume Power, support USB C PD charger?

Hi does anyone know whether I can power up the brume with USB C PD chargers?
Recently I encounter an electronic devices that does not work with USB C PD chargers (usually C to C cables)

See here - asked and answered…

Hi there, I saw that.
But my problem is I have a device that have USB C connector. But when I’m using a Google pixel charger that only talk in USB C PD, it doesn’t power up at all…
Reason I’m asking this, I will use a Brume and slate as my traveling router that can deliver close to 100mbps openvpn traffic. I’m planning to get some gan charger that have both USB c PD and USB A connector to complete the setup.

But I guess at this time, I should just take leap of faith and try it out.

Thanks for the help though.