Brume / VPN Policy

Trying to figure out VPN Policies on my new Brume.

What I’m trying to achieve is to prevent my TV from using the VPN connection and to use straight internet.

My setup consists of the following:
ISP Modem → Brume (MV1000) → Home Router → TV(wired but could use wireless)

When I add a VPN Policy on the Brume to NOT use VPN connection with the TV’s MAC address it doesn’t see the TV’s MAC. On the pull-down I only see the MAC of the Home Router nothing else. If I insert the TV’s MAC nothing changes.

Is my assumption correct that the Brume can only see the Home routers MAC and NEVER whats being managed from that home routers network?

Would my only choice be to purchase another Home Router and dedicate it to IOT, including the TV and use the VPN Policy to not use the VPN connection from this new Home Router #2?

You need to let the Brume handle the DHCP. Right now the wireless router is handing the ip to the TV, and Brumme is upstream so it is blind, it only sees the internet traffic.

Change your wireless mode from Router to Wireless Access Point so that Brume is the one handing out the IP’s.

Excellent. Thanks for the response much appreciated. I’ll configure that tonight.