Brume-W cuts speed in half in repeater mode

Hello everyone, I recently bought myself such a router. And I noticed that in the repeater mode, he cuts the Wi-Fi speed in the hotel in half, without using vpn. The laptop and router are close, wifi 2.4GHz. What could be the weak point?

It’s possible the speed is being limited, you could try using a random mac address for the router with mac clone.

More likely though, in repeater mode, the router simply repeats the signal it’s getting & broadcasts that again. If it’s not getting a good signal, it’s not gonna broadcast a good signal either. Try setting it up at a different location and let us know how that goes :slight_smile:

The Brume-W only has one 2.4GHz band, which cannot receive and transmit at the same time and has to take turns. I have an external 5GHz USB wifi adapter plugged into my Brume-W so I can use 1 band for receive and 1 band for transmit.

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Which adapter did you go with? I’m using the ALFA Networks AWUS036ACS which was one of two GL.iNet had drivers and testing for. I found out later that when in 5gHz it had a max speed of 150Mbps up and not 433Mbps I thought I was getting.

I bought an Archer T2U Plus AC600 for $15 on Amazon. It is dual-band, but I only use the 5GHz band to supplement the 2.4GHz band in the router. It never gets to AC600 speed though.

I tried to change the MAC address - it did not help.
I also thought that the problem was in Wi-Fi, but by connecting the router to the laptop via Type-C, the speed became even worse, maybe I should try lan, through an adapter.
Since the Wi-Fi source is 2.4GHz, I do not use any adapter.

I think in repeater mode, the speed will be cut half is “normal”. :slight_smile:

Does the ‘Brumme’ got 5 GHz, too? 2,4 GHz has the better range while 5 GHz got the better bandwidth.

As the limitation of two signals at one Band is already covered, a better test would be with a ethernet cable from Brumme to Laptop … or switching the Band.

The second issue in your analysis is the check End-to-End. Under Linux, there is the tool ‘mrt’.
Maybe you know ‘traceroute [host]’ (Linux) or ‘tracert [host]’ (Windows), that is pinging every hop within the connection to [host]. mrt will do this process in a loop, so you can see the difference and what hop is the bottleneck.

For debian:

mtr/oldstable 0.92-2 amd64
  Full screen ncurses and X11 traceroute tool

I don’t know what is the alternative at linux, I’m using a Linux VM on WSL2 for such tasks.

I assume the result will be the same as said before. Shared WLAN Band = 50%.

My Brume-W in Repeater mode is definitely capable of higher speeds than 14.35Mbps over one 2.4GHz band (my ISP limits upload speed to ~15Mbps):

Some hotels can detect when a router is connected and throttle the speed, which applies to the router USB and Ethernet connections also. A speed test with an Ethernet adapter plugged into a LAN port would be useful to know,.