Brume-W freezes every day, needs reboot

Hi, first time poster.
I have an issue with the Brume-W. I’ve been using it for the past week.
I have not installed any custom firmware. I did use the luci interface to configure DHCP and DNS relay.
I have a wireguard server setup on it but its currently offline. I thought it might be the cause but the issue is still occurring daily.
Also, the Wi-Fi range seems to have decreased substantially.
I tried checking the system and kernel logs in luci but no substantial errors show up.
I did an upgrade through the web UI to version 3.203
Any recommendations?

You have openvpn server or client configued on the router?

Can you try this firmware GL.iNet download center

No, no openvpn setup of any kind.
Thanks, I will give it a try.

Freeze is still occurring, it just takes longer for it to happen.
Can you recommend any logs to check? What should I look for?

When it freeze, it cannot be accessed at all?

To get the log, you should connect to it via wifi or cable, then ssh to the router and use “logread” to get the log.

Eventually yes, it stops working entirely even though power is connected and the device feels warm.
I’ll check the logs with logread and get back to you.

So I’ve checked the logs and it looks like something is happening with the guest wifi SSID each time before the crash. I have disabled the guest Wi-Fi yesterday evening. So far the device is working. I will update here in case there is another crash immediately or in a couple of days if the device is ok.

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I see. Brume-W’s wifi chip is not good at multiple SSID then.