Brume WireGuard

" If you enabled VPN but the VPN cannot connect to its server, there will be NO Internet.
When you change server while VPN is connected, VPN will not be leaked. "

what can I do?

are you asking about webadmiin-vpn-vpn kill switch?

i dont know.
I treid to connect a client and i cant

I can not add a new server name?

Can you remove the “-” and only use “MyWG”?

no, i can not add any New WireGuard Server.
at this mask i only can start a server but i dont know the configuration

i cant do this:
" 1) Specify the name of your server

Specify the name and then click Next ."

You are talking about using the router as Wireguard server. You can only start it as one server. You can NOT add more server.

While this screenshot means that you are setting up wireguard client and you are adding more servers you want to connect to.