BRUME2 - Factory Reset from GUI but now Bricked and the Uboot seems to fail

I reset the Brume2 to factory from the GUI menu, now nothing works.

I went the the latest Bricked recovery methods and LAN1 acts like nothing is there, laptop says cable disconnected.

WAN1 shows connection but only getting IPV6 IP on the laptop, no IPV4 IP.

So I can’t access uboot or the regular GUI

Hey :wave:

you followed the Debrick via Uboot - GL.iNet Router Docs 4 manual, I guess?
What OS are you using? There were some issues with Linux / macOS.


And I tried from Linux and Windows with the same results.

You have to use the LAN port for sure, WAN will not work. Sometimes there might be issues with auto negotiation of the LAN speed. Could you try to force 100 Mbps on your PC with static IP?