Brume2 loses wireguard DNS

Dear people,

I have a Brume2 running wireguard permanently. It has the latest firmware installed. First of all, I have a couple of GLInet products and I am really satisfied with all of them.

However, since a couple of weeks my Brume2 repeatedly loses its DNS from the wireguard interface and sends the DNS requests through the DNS servers configured on the Ethernet interface, which causes DNS leaks of course. Whenever I reboot the Brume2, everything works as expected, but after some time (2-3 days), the above mentioned behavior happens.

I have set the checkbox for “Override DNS Settings for All Clients” and also “Block Non-VPN Traffic”. My wireguard config file is good so far as I have it also running on other GLInet products which do not cause DNS leaks (so far).

I would desperately appreciate your help on that matter. Thank you in advance & all the best!

Please use firmware 4.5 which handles the very rare case of DNS leak.

Thanks hansome,

Ive installed it right away and will monitor this.