Brume2 VPN policy issues (bypass by MAC)

Hello, my disclaimer is I am not a techie but I’ve managed to get this far.

I am running an OpenVPN client for Express VPN. No issues here.

Brume2 MT2500 is in drop in mode, attached to a Linksys mesh velop set up. It is plugged in to a port on the Linksys router that runs the PPPoE.
All LAN clients connected run through the VPN.
DHCP is off on the Linksys.
Everything connects to the internet via a VPN, plus access to the admin panel.


The policy options do not work on Brume.

I can’t set a bypass for any devices with their MAC (my priority). Everything goes through the VPN. This is extremely annoying. Is this a known bug?

I’m running firmware v4.2.1
Adguard turned off and on - same issue.

Please help. It doesn’t work.

VPN policy is not yet supported in DROP-IN mode, we will do some compatibility in the future.