[bug?] found possible regression with gretap on 4.5B Beryl AX


Since some people are trying to setup a point to point vpn I was trying to go for a similar route wg → gre.

however I noticed one issue which kept softbricking my router.

if I reset my Beryl AX and only install luci-proto-gre the router softbricks, the interesting part is that reseting almost doesn’t work either.

I also tried to replug the power and only have lan connected to my pc and with no wan port connection to rule out its not a issue with my upstream gre routing.

my suspicioun might be a regression with kmwan and default gateway routing?

my firmware is:

  • 4.5.0
  • Firmware Type release6
  • Compile Time2023-12-25 06:59:58 (UTC+00:00)

it can be also something else please let me know if any more info is needed :slight_smile: