Bug GL-B2200 Main Node Clients Listed Only

Within GL.INET Admin Panel - No clients from the mesh sub-nodes are listed and Traffic and Speed data is empty.
Mesh and connectivity work fine.

Mmmm, can see here on 3.107

gl-tertf_4.0.39-1_ipq806x.ipk.zip (400.3 KB)

I have an ipk for you.

Put the ipk to the router /tmp using scp or winscp.


cd /tmp
opkg remove gl-tertf --force-depends
opkg install gl-tertf_4.0.39-1_ipq806x.ipk

Pls try and let me know if this can be solved.

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Thanks alzhao,
This firmware bug was identified yesterday by GL technicians through our communications. I installed the IPK that was directly seent to me earlier today and it fixed the issue.