Bug in advanced mode on GL-B1300?

I used the web interface in advanced mode to create three SSIDs on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz. In the Web interface, I selected ‘N’ and ‘AC’ options on the corresponding options.

In the /etc/config/wireless file, “config wifi-device ‘wifi0’” had hwmode set to ‘11g’, and ‘wifi1’ was set to ‘11a’. This obviously limited the bandwith available (checked by scanning using Acrylic Pro - 2.4GHz was advertising ‘b,g’ standards and 20 MHz channel width, for example).

Manually editing /etc/config/wireless to change hwmode to 11ng for wifi0 and 11ac for wifi1 corrected the wifi interface setup to provide 11n on 2.4 GHz and 11ac on 5GHz.

I know you don’t officially support folks using the full Luci web interface, but thought you should know, all the same.

Sure we will check. B1300 stock firmware is using SDK from Qualcomm and the WiFi driver is proprietary. It has problems in Luci support.

Hi @alzhao does the proprietary driver mean we cannot compile our own OpenWRT on the router to support the WiFi on the B1300?

There is an imagebuilder so you can compile your own firmware.

You can also compile a complete open source firmware using newest openwrt for this model