Bug on Beryl AX regarding mac address?


I connect my Beryl AX to my home wifi and realized that the router is changing its mac address almost every time I reboot the device.
From 92:83:C4:27:81:54 to 9E:83:C4:27:81:54.So basically only the first octet changes.
Since I use a mac filter on my firewall I had to create a workaround to allow both mac addresses and assign different static ip addresses provided by dhcp to it.
Did anyone else experience this behaviour?

The MAC of repeater is not the real device MAC, it is automatically generated by the driver. The real MAC of the device is used for self Wi-Fi.
If you need a static MAC for repeater, plesae manual set it in Network → MAC Address.

I set the mac address to manual before but it didn’t survive a reboot.
Now after two reboots the router kept the new mac address.
I keep on observing this.

after disabling and enabling of repeater, the mac address switches back to it factory value.

I can reproduce this behaviour. If I change the Ethernet Address to any random number and press save, the Mac address of repeater changes to this address as well.
If I then disable repeater and enable again, the mac address of repeater switches back to the address shown in the screenshot.

It looks like this is a bug and we will check it. What is the firmware version of your device?

I am on the latest stable firmware. 4.2.2

Can you try to use 4.2.3 version? We tested it and the issue does not appear in this version.
GL.iNet download center (gl-inet.com)

I tried the 4.2.3 beta. Unfortunately it’s the same behaviour. Repeater mac address switches back to the inital mac address after toggling the repeater function.

We have finally reproduced the bug …
It seems to be probabilistic and we are fixing it.