Bug or feature? Password not synchronized after change in luci

Bug or feature? Password not synchronized after change in luci. And now I have to enter two different passwords in the default web interface and in luci. How to fix it? Or is it normal?

I seem to remember this is a “feature” although when I set mine in the GL UI, it also changes it in Luci.

The first time you set up your device, the password will be used in both the UI and luci (system).

Later when you change the password in the UI, it will only change the UI password.

Changing password in Luci will not change the UI password. Because this is part of luci, we don’t want to touch it.

OK… How can i change password in default web interface with the saved config? (copy or delete hash in fs)?

In the web UI, go to Access page and you can change the password.

To clarify, if you have used special characters in your new password, you likely will not be able to log into the Luci with that password. Solution is to go to GL interface, change the password to one with no special characters, then this new password should work on Luci. At least that is what I found.

@alzhao, actually it is more complicated than this. I use a b1300 with latest testing firmware 3.022. When I change the GL UI password, the same password will unlock the landing page for Luci (Status). However, when ever you try to click any of the Luci navigation links, Luci requests the password again. Can this be fixed by ssh or a bug-fix in a new firmware?

Here is a work around:

I see. Can you try not using special characters now. Then we will fix this bug.

@hansome @kyson-lok pls record this bug.

We had fixed this bug, you can try to upgrade to the latest testing firmware. GL.iNet download center