Bug report for firmware 4.6.2 on Beryl AX

Logging in with the GL.iNet app on iOS fails since updating to this firmware. 4.6.0 beta was also affected.


The iOS app is working for me on Beryl AX version 4.6.2. Did you try uninstalling and reinstalling the app?

Let me know.

Can you provide a more detailed description of whether the app is unable to detect the router, or whether it fails to log in on the "Login to Router" screen?


The mobile APP for GL router management, 'glinet', have been updated to 2.5.0, please managed to update the APP version and try one more time.

If you still have issue, please post some screenshots to display the phenomenon, let me further learn about the situation.

I detects the router but fails to log in, despite the password being correct.

I had removed the router from the GL app and added it again. That made logging in possible again.

Does the APP login the router succeed now?

Yes, that is what I said. I am not sure if I updated the app before removing the router from the app and re-adding it, but following the latter action login was again possible.

Thanks for your feedback. It could not reproduce on my side, but it does not matter, probably somehow the APP have local cache in the phone (Overwrite installation, not delete first and then install) and impact the login process.