Bug Report - GL MiFI

Hi Guys,
what is the best method to report bugs in firmware?

Minor Bug:
Updating GL-MiFI to 2.271 the 3G/4G status LED no longer illuminates.
3G/4G card is the AU version.

Can anyone confirm same issue? Not a biggy. Just wanted to find out, as I get customers to check the LED to give me an indication if it is active prior to stepping up any fault finding.

disregard - changed this one after a bit of searching.
Probably should have searched first…my apologies.

it should be a bug. The LED name changed?

The drop down box indicated by the arrow was blank (No entry) I then selected "3g-modem’ which re-enabled the LED. I think that is the correct interface…

I didn’t change any names, just looked for what I thought was most suitable…“3GNET”