Bug report: Tailscale setting page showing wrong bind account

I have two devices both named “GL-MT3000” that are accessible through my Tailscale account, one is under my Tailscale account, and another one is under my friend’s Tailscale account and that device is shared with me on tailscale (that’s why I can access it). And now the bind account shown on my own router’s Tailscale setting page is my friend’s Tailscale account instead of mine.

My guess of how it goes wrong (I don’t have the source code so correct me if I am wrong). The setting page get the account by parsing the output of Tailscale CLI “tailscale --json”, by searching the “UserID” by “HostName” of itself (which is “GL-MT3000” here), and then lookup the “LoginName” by “UserID”. And my suggestion to fix this is to lookup the “UserID” by “TailscaleIPs” of itself, instead of “HostName”. thanks.

Device: GL-MT3000
Firmware Ver. : 4.4.5